This week, we’re pleased to announce that funeral plan provider Pure Cremation have successfully become registered with the FPA.

Pure Cremation, established by experienced funeral directors Bryan & Catherine Powell in 2015, specialises in direct, unattended, cremations. In addition to carrying out well over 1,000 cremations, they will sell around 3,000 funeral plans this year.

Pure Cremation have shown that they can meet the necessary criteria and have demonstrated compliance with our Rules and Code of Practice, The company is now officially an FPA registered provider of funeral plans.

Bryan Powell of Pure Cremation said, “FPA registration is an extension of our commitment to our customers. Everything we do is scrutinised by our internal standards committee, but we believe that by subjecting ourselves to external scrutiny our customers will be further reassured when choosing a Pure Cremation Funeral Plan.”

Graeme McAusland, CEO of the Funeral Planning Authority said, “We are always very pleased when a new provider chooses to register with us, as it gives consumers even greater choice of reputable and regulated options when it comes to choosing a funeral plan. Pure Cremation demonstrated a strong commitment to meeting our requirements and we are delighted they have passed our registration process.”