We are pleased to announce that funeral plan provider Safe Hands Plans Ltd has successfully become registered with the FPA. Safe Hands has shown that they can meet the necessary criteria and have demonstrated compliance with our Rules and Code of Practice. The company is now officially a FPA registered provider of funeral plans.

David Latham, Director of Safe Hands said “We are delighted that Safe Hands Funeral Plans’ application to become registered with the Funeral Planning has been successful. Here at Safe Hands we pride ourselves on operating responsibly, conscientiously and in a manner that is compliant with all applicable legislation. The FPA registration process we found to be reassuringly thorough and robust, involving, as it did, a forensic level of scrutiny of all aspects of our operation by the Compliance Committee, and the making of some modifications and changes operationally in order to satisfy the FPA’s exacting standards of qualification.”

Graeme McAusland, CEO of the Funeral Planning Authority said, “We are pleased that Safe Hands have demonstrated to our Compliance Committee that they can satisfy the requirements of our Rules and Code of Practice. The process of registration for Safe Hands has required them to amend certain aspects of their business model and they have done so enthusiastically with the aim of enhancing the protection of their customers. The FPA welcomes the positive engagement of the Safe Hands management, trustees and actuary in the process.”