These are certainly challenging times and while many people are worried about financial issues, jobs, and businesses it is very important we all think of the members of our society that are most at risk from COVID–19. It is times like these that we tend to think a little or a lot more about our lives and the lives of those around us. We tend to think more about the “what ifs” and how we are planning to look after loved ones and what plans need to be made. Here at the FPA we believe this kind of planning should be talked about as a matter of course in all our lives but there is no doubt a situation like this brings it to the fore.

Think Carefully

It is at these times of worry that we sometimes make hasty decisions and it is at these times we should be doing the opposite. Funeral plans are something that can offer peace of mind and a lot of comfort when thinking about our legacy and the impact of our deaths financially on those around us. But choosing the wrong plan may well leave more problems and issues than not having one at all. This is why we urge everyone who comes to our site for information and assistance to only consider contacting one of our registered funeral plan providers.

Why not read our guide about what to consider when buying a funeral plan.

Extra Peace of Mind

By taking care to choose a registered provider you can be safe in the knowledge you have a funeral plan that will help cover the costs of your funeral but that the plan you chose will also work as it should and not hide any nasty surprises for those you leave behind. Please look at our list of providers or, if you are already considering a plan, check the list to see if your chosen provider is there. If they are not it may be wise to reconsider using them.

Everyone at the FPA would like to say please stay safe and look after yourselves!