It is a very harsh reality of the current situation that significant numbers of people are tragically passing away as a result of Covid-19. This brings into sharp focus the details of any arrangements that are in place for funerals and also for other practical and financial matters. When a loved one passes away there is often some confusion about what provisions are in place. This can range from not knowing bank details or even what bank people used to being totally unaware of any funeral plans or even wishes. We know a lot of people are unsure if their parent or loved one had any kind of funeral plan in place. This is why we have a funeral plan trace system where family members can fill out certain details to find out if there was a plan.

It can be really hard for people who find themselves asking “my partner has died, how do I know if they had a funeral plan?” this is certainly not an uncommon situation for couples. However, it can be far more common for people with elderly parents who die to suddenly realise they had never discussed funeral arrangements. With the ever-increasing cost of funerals, it is certainly important to check.

How You Can Find Out if Someone Has a Funeral Plan?

The best place to start is with the Funeral Planning Authority. The trace a plan system means you can easily check with a large range of funeral plan providers to see if they have a plan registered under the person’s name. Sadly not all funeral plan companies are registered providers with us but most are.

How Our Funeral Plan Trace System Works

Our online funeral plan trace system only covers registered providers, so funeral plan providers that are registered and checked by the FPA. However, that is a large percentage of the funeral plan providers in the UK. A form is filled in on our website and we then contact the with the details to see if they have any plans that match. This service can be extremely helpful at a very tough time and help people access the details of any funeral plan that exists.

The current situation is certainly unprecedented and also very worrying for everyone. We would like to wish everyone the very best, stay safe!