Prepaid Funeral Plans

Prepaid funeral plans are a very popular way of paying in advance for your funeral or that of a loved one. They give peace of mind to you, knowing the people you leave behind will not have to take on the financial strain of paying for your funeral. They are a very popular product with more and more providers offering a range of prepaid funeral plan options. These plans can also be referred to as prepayment funeral plans.

Registered Funeral Plan Providers

At the moment, 95% of all new funeral plans are sold by prepaid funeral plan providers registered with the FPA. We strongly recommend that customers only choose funeral plans from providers that are registered with us, otherwise they are not subject to any independent checks or scrutiny.

The below list of prepaid funeral plan providers are all registered and work closely with us to make sure they follow our guidelines. Getting the right funeral plan provider and the right plan is critical. Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one we work very hard with all registered providers to make sure they are safe and deliver a very high standard of product.

Registered prepaid funeral plan providers should include the FPA logo somewhere on their website or literature to let customers know they are operating at a high standard and are regularly checked by a specialist regulatory body. However, if you are in conversation with a provider and you’re not sure if they’re registered or not, you can check out the list of registered providers available to download here. The list is updated each time we welcome a new provider on board. If you check the list and you’re still not sure, please get in touch.

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